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Sophos Firewall: v19.0 GA: Feedback and experiences

  • Installed and appears to be running okay. Memory and CPU are up significantly, but on past experience I expect them to drop over the next couple of days.

    Hopefully the missing email messages will appear in the email log or is that v19.0.1 fix?


    Ii can no longer enable the additional features in CM which you could be do in previous version even with an expired licence so that Sophos received the data but the user did not get any reports. The result is that the GUI now shows failed services.

    I note the support/help function has been removed, so I can remove the application filter for it.

    Some more items, I seem to have alot of Port2s, but no port1, port3 or port 4?

    The port numbering/naming in the diagnostics appears to have corrected overnight and now has the correct names against the graphs.

    XG115W - v20 GA - Home

    XG on VM 8 - v20 GA

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    Updated port identification issues.
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  • Hello!

    Just upgraded to v19 GA on my appliance and everything is working as expected.

    Also, NC-83395 isn't on the change-log, has this issue been fixed on v19 GA?


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    Ryzen 5600U + I226-V (KVM) v20 GA @ Home

    XG 115w Rev.3 8GB RAM v19.5 MR3 @ Travel Firewall

  • Your ID was the reporting ID of your initial Feedback. The Fix Version is: NC-79417 Web SSL/TLS rules can't be seen on the web admin console. 

    Included in V19.0 GA. 


  • Upgraded, everything seems to be up and running.

    Keep on testing.

    SFVH (SFOS 20.0.0 GA-Build222) - Last (re)boot on November 6th  2023
    Asus H410i-plus - Pentium 6605 Gold - 250GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD - 8GB - 3 ports
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  • Upgraded from EAP2 to GA now. Until now everything seems to be fine, but

    - Searching for Host content (IPs, networks) in all VPN settings (S2S, mobil VPN with IPSec, SSLVPN, ...) is still not possible for me. Only fulltext search of objekt name works

    Is this a known problem or wanted?

  • Upgraded from EAP2 to GA and have a strange error: it says my GW is down, but everything seems to be getting through:

    The IP address of the gateway responds to ping, and traffic basically just gets through, but I've got a big red dot here and in the Gateway Detail page, and in the Control Center I've got a red interfaces icon. I have an SD_WAN profile set up with no SD_WAN routes, just to monitor the QoS, and the Latency, Jitter, and Packet Loss, and all of these indicators are normal.

    I also note in the System Logs that Interface 2 (WAN) went down and up twice within about 10 seconds about 10 minutes after I'd rebooted with the GA, which was about 20 minutes ago.

  • Going to re-install Sophos XG this weekend, but based on the about, trying to run it on an Atom isn't probably worth it?  I've got a Dell R220 12340L sat in the spare room, but not running it due to power consumption thoughts.  Atom unit is a Intel® E3845 based CPU with 8GB RAM.  The Dell unit currently has 32GB installed, but I'd drop that back to a single 8GB DIMM (reduce power consumption and sell off spares).

  • Reboot did not fix it. Still same problem: GW Status is down (red) on multiple screens, but it's working.

  • My alias under the WAN connection stopped functioning after the update, I had to remove the alias and re-add it to get it to work again.

  • Do a packet capture on your WAN for port ICMP and check, if the gateway actually answers or not.