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XG Firewall v18 MR-4: Feedback and experiences

New Thread to cover changes / feedback / experiences. 

"Old" MR3 Thread:

Release Notes:

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  • Just upgraded from MR3 to MR4 and found one issue.

    Manual Pattern Update in airgap environment doesn't work anymore. I can confirm that it worked on MR3.

    Uploaded the actual pattern file in WebGui but nothing happened.

    Also there is no entry in /log/u2d_airgap.log

  • I am fighting now for the 2nd time with the support regarding this problem.
    My ticket numbers: 03566923 and now 03608869

    Which ticket was there for you regarding this?

    With our clusters exactly the same problem, click upload and then absolutely nothing more - also no entries in the log.

    Tested different browsers (Edge, Chrome).

    Many employees in the support seem to be absolutely not familiar with the topic AirGap. Since nothing happens, I can not provide any error messages or logs! And that a support access to an AirGap machine is not possible should be clear, otherwise I would not need AirGap!

  • Hello Mark,

    I have flagged the closed case and open case to management.


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    Technical Team Lead, Global Community Support
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