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iOS model name is not displayed


I added a new iOS device to Sophos Central Mobile using the wizard.

It always automatically displayed the respective iOS model under "Devices" in the "Model" line.

For this new iOS device, it only shows "iPhone, iPad". It is not recognized.

Can someone help me here?


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  • If the device is only showing as "iPhone, iPad" and not displaying the specific model under "Devices" in Sophos Central Mobile, it may not have successfully enrolled in the system or there may be an issue with the device's information being transmitted to Sophos. You should check to ensure that the device is properly enrolled and that there are no connectivity issues or errors in the enrollment process. You can also contact Sophos support for further assistance in troubleshooting the issue.

  • Let me know what model of iOS device you are experiencing this issue with so I can try replicating it. 

    If you can also specify the enrollment method you're using and the iOS version on the device, this will help. 

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  • Hello,

    the model is iPad Pro 4. Generation with iOS 16.3.1.

    my registration method I use is via assistant wizard with Apple ID. So far I had integrated all devices and it has always worked.
    I will also try to integrate the device again at the same time