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Samsung Smart Switch


When configuring a new mobile phone we would like to use "samsung swart switch" (we mainly use samsung smartphones and it gives the option at setup). However, when we try this it says: Use of samsung smart switch limited by security policy. 

I've checked the restriction policy but basically everything is enabled/has permission to execute. I'm pretty stumped right now of what I still have to change to allow this one. 

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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  • Hello Shweta,

    It is indeed a managed device. However after some more reasearch I found the solution myself so I will post it here for people who might experience this problem aswell:

    Although our users have basically no mobile restrictions and can download virtually every app from the google play store with no restrictions, it turns out Samsung Smart Switch still needs explicit permission as an managed app. So if you experience this problem go to:

    mobile > apps > android > add the samsung smart switch app  > edit > Check the mark for use managed configuration > press the + button and allow smart switch run aswell. After you save Smart Switch will be able to do it's thing.