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Why constant reminders of unsafe points on Mobile.

I am rooted and will stay rooted as long as I can.  Many functions I use require root and as Google attempts to have access to everyone's data I don't think the secure way to handle my data is to get it on the cloud.

I am not Encrypted, Oh!, I did not know that, GEEE

Low reputation Apps,  Well who decides that? Where did that come from?  Why!  I want to know why they are low rep Apps?  Based on what?

USB Debugging on, Yeh, I know that so Why is that a problem, Explain?

Like I know about these warnings so as a development addition give us a switch so we don't have to constantly swipe away these notes from your APP.

Why do I have to encrypt my phone and how many Apps will stop working if I do and how to undo that?

All these questions are not being fully explained and you have to spend hours of time researching answers due to Google wanting to sell you stuff rather than answer your search question.  Welcome to the keep it simple stupid reverse make it complicated world.

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