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Sophos email security - not show error XGEMAIL_0009

Hello, in email security I would like the blocked sender not to receive the email with error XGEMAIL_0009.

Is it possible to configure something like this?

Thank you

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  • Hi  
    You mean like a blackhole effect right? If so, then this would have to be a feature request as I do not see any options currently for this in the product.
    A workaround/option I can think of for now would be to block the sender at the email client side not through the Sophos smartbanner/self service portal. This is dependent on the email client though if it will/will not notify the sender.

    There is a current feature request. It is CEMA-I-288

    To be able to add a vote to the request and/or to know its status in the future, please contact your Sophos account manager. 

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