SBIE1222 Error with security token: [C00000BB / 35]

Greetings! I'm running Windows Insider build 18908.rs_prerelease.190524-1658

OS: Windows 10 Pro N 64-bit

Antivirus: Anti-Exploit and Windows Defender

Affected programs: All of em

Sandboxie: 5.31.1 64-bit


Trying to start any program in Sandboxie results in

SBIE1222 Error with security token:  [C00000BB / 35]
SBIE1222 Error with security token:  [C00000BB / 36]
SBIE2314 Canceling process Start.exe

Have tried creating a brand new sandbox and the same thing happens there.


Any ideas?

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  • Hi @Barb

    I am lucky to have found this reply on top of the search results.

    I am currently on Slow ring, and I have just been hit with this problem on Slow Ring (SB v 5.31.2 64b).
    It means MS must have moved this build from fast to slow.

    Do you have any idea when this might be fixed?
    I need to make decisions (wait for SB fix, leave Windows Insider, or scrab SB all together).