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Advisory: Reflexion - Delayed delivery of outbound and inbound email

Hi everyone,

Sophos is currently investigating an issue with Reflexion is that is causing delayed delivery of inbound and outbound mail. No mail will be lost, as it will be queued for delivery.
Our development and operations team are actively working to resolve this issue.

Please follow the links below for the latest updates: 

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  • Hello.

    Is there any update to this? I find it completely unacceptable to let a global issue like this sit without any update for 4+ hours. Also, your outage started at 10AM CST, not EST. That's an whole additional hour that people still haven't received emails they are expecting. I don't think you really understand the gravity of this, or else you'd be providing hourly updates. 

    We have done A LOT of effort and work in getting our customers on reliable hosted email platforms, and your system consistently disrupts those services, and IS THE SOLE cause of a lot of email issues. 

    At this point, we are re-evaluating our partnership with this solution. It just makes us look bad. 


  • Hi:

    Do we have an ETA for fix?

    Is there a way to configure settings in your control panel so I can receive alerts when issues like this arise, inbound or outbound email not flowing?

    Thank you!

    Bob H.

  • UI started misbehaving yesterday.

    All my clients affected we need an ETA of at least some details.

    Otherwise it's time to start changing MX records. And Connectors.

  • Hi - we REALLY need more info than is being provided here. If we need to change MX Records to restore mail delivery please let us know. It seems now we are at risk for losing inbound emails with us and all of our clients. Please take the high road and provide some transparency and recommended course of action so we are in the best position to respond and handle with our clients.

  • Not only can I force the mail in but I can not force the mail out. All email is stuck in limbo for several plus hours. 

    What's going on? 

    I have Admins from up above my head screaming at me asking whats happening to email inbound and out?

  • I'm going to start changing MX records if there's not a REAL update in the next hour.


    If you guys haven't been able to at least identify a cause in SEVEN HOURS and provide a basic ETR, then I don't really have hope for your overall abilities here.

  • I had to Setup my UTM to handle Inbound Mail Delivery and setup an MX Record to receive new mail.  Since there has been no official update for several hours

  • According to the KB article, next update is at 4p EDT.  It better be a good one.

  • We are on the same boat. Need better updates and response to system issues. Need answers so that I can execute on plan B.

  • You guys are 15 minutes late on a status update for an issue that has been going on longer than you claim. I'm not even sure inbound messages are being queued because someone had the language changed in the earlier status update that read "RTC is not accepting inbound mail and all outbound mail is being queued". Now it says all messages are being queued, yet the reporting on shows errors (that the queues aren't accepting messages). This PR and communications fallout for this event is being handled miserably. We need info so we can quarterback plan B's for all of our clients. Stat.