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Exchange 2019 pureMessage install



Our exchange server is going to be upgraded to 2019.

Is this version supported by PureMessage? Most documentation seems to refer to exchange 2016.


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  • No thre are leaving PM behind, move to Sophos to the cloud, and add mail in its rrally good, overcme some of the shortcomings of PM theta they never resolved.


    But if like me you still have some on-premise, then the thread above does the trick from Robert Vergeer


    Exhange 2019 on Server 2019 PureMessage version 4.04

    IISCrypto best practice (
    Apply best practice with IISCryto.

    Disable UAC (msconfig tools)

    Extract pmex64_404_sfx.exe
    In the extracted folder there is a subfolder (C:\pme_404_64_AVAS\Resources)
    Run the following programs
    SQL default installation
    SOPHOS as instance name. (or make an other nice name)
    SQL Browser service on automatic.

    Afther this start the setup from PureMessage and select localhost as database server.


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