Hi Philip,
We've updated our documentation and implemented some changes in our search engine to improve searchability.

When you search for content, it’s a good idea to specify the product name in your query to get better search results.
For instance, the content you were looking for is the first result in the following query:

Hope that helps

Difficulty in searching for information

I search for xg user role and it returns rules.  I search for admin role and it only returns central articles.

very disappointing since Fortinet, Watchguard, Sonicwall and even Cisco/Meraki search and documentation is far superior.

product maturity issues?  Not sure but it really is frustrating to have a simple question to answer and after spending 30mins, I still don’t have the answer

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  • Sorry to sound so crass in my description, but it came out as a moment of frustration after looking for something numerous times thru the search and never finding it.  i'll take a deep breath before posting next time...  Eventually was able to resolve my issue by spending another 20-30mins searching and running across an article (not on sophos site) about profiles, which lead me to my answer.

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