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Who can participate?

All Sophos Community members!

Guidelines for suggestions

Product Documentation

  • Built around product functionality (proactive how-to configuration and setup)
  • Describes only standard setup and configuration in common environments
  • Describes every feature unless its user interface is self-explanatory
  • Doesn’t include external systems or integrations unless they are an official part of the product


  • Built for reactive support inquiries and advisories
  • Topics come from common user questions whose answers don't belong in the product documentation
  • Every article is structured around a problem and a solution

Community "Recommended Reads" Content

  • Built for "opinion-based content"
    • User best practices
      • Configuration and troubleshooting tips & tricks
    • Configurations with third-party products
    • Case studies of previously resolved user issues
  • Content is published as-is, without any guarantees

How do you vote for other members’ suggestions?

Browse the existing suggestions. If you see a suggestion you like or an issue that you’d like to know more about, click I have this question too.

If you don’t see anything that matches your suggestion, make a new suggestion.

How do you create a new suggestion?

Above Thread Info, click New.

You don’t need a to create a complete write-up of an issue or how to deal with it. We just need enough information to put it together.

Please include:

  • The Sophos product, software or hardware involved, and the versions if possible
  • Any third-party product, software or hardware involved
  • Details of the configuration steps
  • The issue or error you want to solve, or the task you want to do and why

What happens next?

We review feedback and suggestions based on views, votes, etc. and follow up accordingly.

What’s in it for you?

If we update our product help because of your suggestion, you'll earn Community points!

Here's the breakdown for accepted ideas:

  • Completed (Brand-new content) - 30 Points
    • New technical content
  • Completed (Content Update) - 10 Points
    • Technical content updates including but limited to:
      • Out of date content
      • Additional, and incorrect steps
  • Completed (Minor Issue) - 1 Point
    • Typos
    • Non-working links

More accepted suggestions = higher-level trophies! See below for the complete trophy list: