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Windows 10 thin-client UWF problem

Hi all.

Im having some problem with Sophos Endpoint and Windows 10 thin-clients with UWF activated.

I found this

The problem we have is that during sophos scans it takes alot of cache-memory triggering the UWF warning and it will reboot.

Im not 100% sure of the cache size that we can utilize but i belive its around 1GB, so if i scan a usb-stick with a few files it will do it, no problems but if i scan about 1GB of files it will hit the UWF and the client will send a warning and after acouple of minutes it will reboot.

Have any one else had this issue?


Best Regards


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  • Hi Shweta.

    Thank you for the reply.

    You dont know what registry settings we need to make exception for (the file/folder exeptions shouldnt be any big problems)?

    I will look into how the windows updates is being handled.