MS Hyper-V virtual appliance Early Access

We are increasing the deployment options for virtual appliances to host the Sophos NDR Sensor and log collectors for 3rd party integrations

The addition of support for MS Hyper-V will allow customers to choose between the existing VMWare virtual appliance and the new MS Hyper-V virtual appliance when creating the image for the data collector.  To be eligible to participate in the early access program you will need to already have an MDR product license and an Integration pack for Network Firewall or the Sophos NDR Sensor. 

The early access program will run through the end of March 31 2023.  For more information and instructions on how to see if the Hyper-V feature is already available please refer to the Hyper-V Early Access WIKI pages  Hyper V Early Access  

If you are currently in the MDR Integrations EAP then you will see the Hyper V option when selecting the Virtual Platform for a new Data Collector.

How to request early access to Hyper-V

Please email the  MDR Early Access Program email distribution list with your unique customer id and deployment region. You can find that information under your account details. Include a subject line of 'Request Hyper-V EAP'

How to find the customer ID and region information.
While logged in to the Sophos Central administration console for the account.
Open the account details page by expanding the options under the right-hand corner where the admin name is shown and select 'Account Details'. 

Installing the NDR Sensor on Hyper-V

Follow the instructions in the WIKI  Sophos NDR Wiki Under the  Hyper V Early Access page.

Requesting assistance

During the Early Access period for Hyper-V support please raise any questions directly on the community forum or send your questions to the  MDR Early Access Program email distribution list.


 Hyper V Early Access