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Bandwith Issues Chrome/Firefox/Edge

We have been using Sophos intercept x advanced with MTR for about 6 weeks. Since then, our bandwidth has dropped 90%. We use a gigabit internet connection and have previously achieved the following values ​​in a speed test in the browser: Down: 900MB/s Up: 800MB/s

Now, if we're lucky, we'll get Down: 60MB/s Up: 300MB/s.

We found out that it is due to the following settings:
 If these settings are deactivated, we have full bandwidth when surfing again. But we don't want to leave them disabled. This is not a condition, the support from Sophos is not getting anywhere either. We expected more...

here are the screenshots from the speedtest:

deactivated settings:

activated settings:

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  • I have recently discovered this issue and opened a ticket. With Real Time Scanning - Internet option enabled, I get a max of 165Mbps on 3 different networks all with a different ISP and rated speeds (1Gbps, 700Mbps, and 500Mbps). It's extremely frustrating since we're pretty new to the platform and running default policies across the board. Super happy I pushed for this product right about now.

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