No Pop up Notifications to Complete Privacy and Security Permissions on macOS

I am new Sophos user. I want to make sure I am allowing all the necessary permissions in macOS 10.15 on installation of the Sophos installer. I allow the installer to run in System Preferences>Security and Privacy but am never prompted with a pop notification shown in the first image of this support article (included below as well):

I would prefer to not have to pull the necessary agents and helpers from the Sophos directory in /Library every time I install the endpoint software on a system. Is there a reason why I am not seeing the "Action Required" notification upon installation? Note: I have allowed notifications from Sophos in the notification preferences.

Thanks for any help you can offer

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  • Thank you, Yashraj. I was able to add the components manually from the Library folder. I will make use of this workflow in the future,  eve though I was hoping to pull all the components over at once using the Icon prompt. Since we cannot force the prompt, I will pull each component over separately.

    Thanks again,