How to test the new Intercept X features?

Update: 4/3/2020 - This test tool is no longer available. More info to come.


EFS Guard

Dummy (Unsigned) ⇒ Ransomware ⇒ EFS

Note: it is important to choose the unsigned version of "Dummy", as the signed version is allowed to encrypt files.

Dynamic Shellcode Protection

Dummy ⇒ Code exploits ⇒ Dynamic Shellcode (HeapHeapProtection)

CTF Guard

Dummy ⇒ Process protection ⇒ CTF Service exploit


Dummy ⇒ Code exploits ⇒ LoadLib APISet

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  • Hi  

    It seems to be false positive. Are you running the tool in your test environment? Have you tried running on any other test machine?  Please check this article for details about ML\PE-A detections. 


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  • Hi pfeffex,

    Can you provide us with the steps to replicate this?  I was unable to trigger an ML/PE-A detection with this tool.

  • No not testenvironment, live production. I try to extract the zip. During extraction Sophos popup with this message. You should add this tool in a global exception.

  • Do you use Intercept X Advanced EDR?

  • Yes, I'm running Intercept X Advanced with EDR.  The download provides me with a .exe so there's no ZIP to extract.  Of course you could create an exclusion for this ML/PE-A detection and it should still detect any exploit detections that you trigger with the tool but I'm wondering if this detection is expected.  With the tool being unsigned and performing similar exploits it's not too surprising that it has a low malware score.  I get lockdown detections when attempting to use the unsigned tool and only when I disable all exploit features do I get an ML/PE-A detection.

  • Sorry it was a .exe, yes of course. It's bad that I connot upload a picture here. Anyhow, it was detected as ML\PE-A Root Cause Firefox. Firefox downloaded sophostester.exe. Sophostester_unsigned.exe triggered the event. It's only an information for the vendor. For me as a customer it's a little bit confusing that a vendor owned program is detected and there is no global exclusion for this tool as default. Cheers!