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Wrong Credential for Sophos Safeguard Provided - Local Logon is Disabled

Hi All.

I was wondering if you find an error like the below and can help me to find the solution:

We started to deploy Sophos Safeguard 8.10 on Windows 10 version 1903 and we are encountering the following error: On some users (not all ) after the setup of the software with a local admin account as usualy  we restart the machine and  we logon with the user to whom we have to assign the machine: The pc start to exchange data with Sophos Safeguard Console;

The pc does not receive the policy of safeguard, so we are not prompted to set pin (TPM+PIN policy) and the pc becomes unresponsive, RunAS command hang, search bar is blocked;

Checking services, safeguard authentication service is not started, even it is set to start automatically. If we Start the service “safeguard authentication service” from a remote pc, then the pc receives the policy I am prompted to set pin and to click Restart and Encrypt. Once  restarted the machine, and I try to login with the user I receive the following error:

Wrong Credential for Sophos Safeguard Provided and once I click on ok, Local Logon is Disabled, I can then only login using windows authentication.

If I logon with the same user on a different pc (same model, and same OS) with version of Sophos Safeguard 8.005, instead I Can login without any issue, So what does it change between the 2 version?

Thanks in advance