With the introduction of the mini file filter driver, which is part of SafeGuard Enterprise as of version 8.10, Sophos provides regular File Encryption Engine updates that just contain improved filter drivers. These updates are provided as Windows Installer Patch files (*.msp) to allow an easy installation and deployment.

In this post, you can find links to all available updates of the filter driver engine. As these updates are cumulative, Sophos recommends using the latest version.

Resolved issues in latest build version (compared to SafeGuard version

Reference Symptom / Summary
DPFEE-1173 Local cache corruptions during an update to Windows 10 October 2018 update (W10 version 1809)
DPSGN-14307 Explorer performance issues in combination with cached files from Windows Quick Access
DPSGN-14462 Increased saving time for files located on network locations (specific applications).
DPSGN-14525 Access rights issues when running specific applications.
DPSGN-14639 Bluescreen Bugcheck 0x3b (SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION) on Windows 10 version 1809 endpoints
DPSGN-14511 Performance improvements (boot and runtime)
DPSGN-14853 Cannot open encrypted Quickbooks project (other applications potentially affected as well),
when SafeGuard File Encryption filter driver is active.
Several boot performance improvements.
DPSGN-14995 High performance impact when accessing files not covered by an encryption rule (requires BypassFilesWithoutPolicyVolumes registry key)
DPSGN-14945 User is unable to save file certain file types (e.g. docx, xlsx).
User gets file in use error when opening or saving xlsx files on network location.
DPSGN-14513 License check of 3rd party application (Dataflex) fails - (requires BypassFilesWithoutPolicyVolumes registry key)
File Encryption driver slows down Windows explorer and search operations on network shares.
Important security fixes and improvements.
DPSGN - 15245 Files located on a WebDAV share, occasionally cannot be deleted when file encryption minifilter is active.
DPSGN -15014 Compatibility improvements
DPSGN - 15265 System might become unresponsive after re-inserting an encrypted optical media
DPSGN - 15261 SGPortable.exe (and msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll) get encrypted by initial encryption
DPSGN - 15241 SafeGuard Services not running after update to Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1). This only affects installations of File Encryption Engine build 26.
DPSGN-15209 Compatibility improvement for Sophos Central Intercept X with EDR.
DPSGN-15267 Potential file corruptions when creating PDFs from Catia.
DPSGN-15306 File encryption filter removes SmartScreen block functionality from file properties.

Available File Encryption Engine updates

File Encryption Engine build 28 for SafeGuard 8.1 / 8.2

File Encryption Engine build 27 for SafeGuard 8.1 / 8.2

File Encryption Engine build 25 for SafeGuard 8.1.0 - This File Encryption Engine update contains the same filter driver as SafeGuard version 8.20.0 

File Encryption Engine build 24 for SafeGuard 8.1.0 

File Encryption Engine build 23 for SafeGuard 8.1.0

File Encryption Engine build 22 for SafeGuard 8.1.0 - Important: This update has been integrated in the SafeGuard Client Hotfix Rollup 1901.

File Encryption Engine build 19 for SafeGuard 8.1.0

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