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L2TP VPN and radius

I have a Cyberoam running 10.6.6.MR-2 (latest fw) and am attempting to setup a L2TP VPN authenticated with windows Network policy server (radius) installed on an active directory server.

I have the Cyberoam working with NPS (Cyberoam gives me green tick staus on test completion) I see successful authentication entries in the windows event log. 


I have setup L2TP VPN and tested a windows 10 client authenticating againt the Cyberoam local accounts and this works OK.


However, when I get the windows 10 client to login using the credentials of a user on the active directory server I get the following:


I see no failed events in the windows event logs. Looks to me like its failed within the Cyberom, like its not trying to authenticate to windows radius (NPS)