Computer is Vulnerable

Hello All, I'm at a loss.  have been running Sophos Home and recently purchased Sophos Premier Family. Now have on 4 computers. Two new iMac24's running Sonoma 14.3.1 (haven't checked the laptops for these issues yet). Both my and wife's Mac have been recently showing an orange Sophos icon, with the message "real-time protection not running & potentially unwanted App protection disabled".  When I go to my Sophos online Dashboard realtime protection is enabled. 

However, on the dashboard for both our desktop computers "Malicious Traffic Detection" is disabled along with Ransomware Protection". After enabling (several times) they both default back to disabled after refreshing the dashboard or signing off then back on.  And I have restarted the computers several times. 

All is set up in allowing Sophos full disk access and files and folders (per instruction installations).

After purchasing Sophos Premier all was well.....for awhile. And now the orange Sophos icon indication errors and errors indicated in the online dashboard.

Needless to say, I've spent a significant amount of time attempting to correct all this to no avail and reading the numerous numerous sophos articles and links. After spending for the renewable premier subscription (1/21/24) I'm beginning to rethink the purchase.

I'm also wondering if any of this has to do with Apple's Private Relay function?

Thank you in advance for any assistance provided. If I can't get this corrected I think I just blew $45 bucks....hope not.

ps: no other anti-virus program is on the computers...fairly new iMac 24's 

Regards, Bill

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