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A few complaints about On-Demand Webinars

Hi everyone,

not sure if I am at the right place here regarding this but I'll try anyway.

- I started to watch an On-Demand Webinar about Intercept X (had to type all my details before to register and get access). So far so good. Now I was interrupted during the webinar so I was AFK for a while. Returning back to the screen it told me that my session was reset. Ok, so I tried to start from scratch. Again I had to type all my details (don't know why). But then I got a dialog that said "Already registered?" and that asked me for a confirmation code. But, I don't have any code. Got no mail from Sophos or something (I can tell because I'm the UTM admin and have full access to SMTP log). So how am I supposed to continue watching this webinar?!?

- Obviously for each webinar I have to retype all my details. Why can't I login with my Sophos account to keep track of everything?

- Why do I have to type all my details for a webinar I have already registered for just to be told afterwards that I'm already registered?

The webinars are really good and Sophos is a leading security company. Why can't they configure this user-/customer-friedly? Or is this just my experience (tried different browsers)? @Sophos

Best regards

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