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Sophos Connect strange failure


we have created a new VPN configuration in the company, which I wanted to roll out.

With 99% of the people it works without problems.

Unfortunately, it has happened so far 2 times that this happened:

(the application (V: 2.2.90) is frozen, every button is without function and therefore unusable).

What did I do before?

- uninstalled the old SSL VPN Client 2.1 from Sophos (the traffic light).

What have I tried so far?

- everything (from reboot, quit everything via task manager, reinstall, clean reg edit, run as admin, checked with CMD if the old VPN is completely uninstalled, and so on...)

- when I install the old VPN client again everything is fine

No matter what you try it always stays the same and it should be in German not in English.

Any ideas?

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