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Lost my Google authenticator app

Hi! I broked my smartphone and then I can't access the Google authenticator app that I configured for authentication on Sophos Central; I don't have a backup of Google authenticator and nobody else have access on this Sophos Central. How can I access to Sophos Central? Is there a way to reset the MFA?
If it can help, I've admin access to a Sophos XG Firewall registered on this Sophos Central.
Thanks for support!

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  • Hi Maxime,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Sophos Community Forum. 

    I suggest opening a case with our Customer Care team. Customer Care can perform an MFA reset on your account so that you’ll be prompted to set up MFA the next time you log in. 

    You can reach our team via phone using the numbers on the right side of the following page under "For Critical Cases". You can also open a case from this page if you prefer working via email correspondence.

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  • There is also an option to receive a security code by email when you select choose another MFA method. If correct you had to add a pin also to activate that option and be able to login with the security code received by email and the pin.


  • On a sidenote, does Google Authenticator provide any way to save/sync Authenticator info? Or should you just scan the QRC into two different devices? Personally, I've used Yubikey and their Authenticator and scanned the QRC into two different Yubikeys. Or I guess you could save the QRC (or the code it contains) in an offline and encrypted device (i.e. essentially your home-made Yubikey), or have your password keeper do the one-time codes.