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Phish Threat fails in Outlook 2019 / "Report a message" unsuccessful

Hi Community,

is there anyone having trouble using the "Report a message"-Button in Outlook 2019?
We're using OnPrem Exchange 2019 and deployed the AddIn for all users using Exchange Admin Center.

Outlook 2016-Client are fine but clicking "Report a message" within any Outlook 2019 Client results in endless "'Report a message' is processing your request" with no result at all.

There's an support-ticket open since september 2020 with no fix or workaround by now. Quite frustrating, that a key feature of Phish Threat is not usable within the newest Version of Outlook and support / development is not able to provide an solution within multiple month?!

Any PhishThreat-Users around having the same problem?
Anyone using PhishThreat at all?

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