Sophos Home for Mac/Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition Issues and Resolutions

**UPDATE: We are aware of the Time Machine issue persisting in 9.5.4. We apologize and we are currently working on the problem.**


Two of the biggest issues users have reported recently are the Time Machine backup issue and the full scan stopped abnormally and was not completed issue. I'll detail both and what we are doing to address them.

Time Machine Backup Issue (Sophos Home + Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition)

This issue causes Time Machine backups to take a significantly long time, or hang, when using SAV for OS X. We released 9.5.3 which was designed to address the issue, but it did not work as planned. We are currently working on a fix that will be released in 9.5.4 that will resolve the issue. We apologize for the wait.

The fix will be coming in 9.5.4, coming the week of November 15th 

Full Scan Stopped Abnormally Issue (Sophos Home)

This issue will be addressed in the Home 1.2.1 release which should complete it's rollout by November 4th. The 1.2.1 release also comes with various bug fixes. 

If the 1.2.1 update does not fix the full scan stopped issue, please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for your patience,



  • Thanks. I appreciate the update and looks forward to the bug fixes.

  • I just ran a scan on El Capitan using Sophos Home version 1.2.1 and for the first time it ran all the way through without the Abnormal Stop issue. Hooray

  • I've just done a scan on the updated version (1.2.1) and it went right through to the end with no abnormal stops. Thanks for fixing this!

  • Looking forward to the update! The Time Machine/Sophos conflict on OSX Sierra has been a great source of frustration and despair as I don't feel confident losing either of them. Please keep us updated in this post as I'll have to disable Sophos in the meantime. Cheers. And thank you Sophos for your hard work!

  • Thank you Bob, I am one of the users who have been affected by my upgrade to Mac OS Sierra where Time Machine back up is stuck in "Preparing " mode while Sophos is active. Can you tell us where we go to download both of these  fixes?

  • When I ran 1.2.1 it did a complete scan without any abnormal stopping and I was really happy until I found out just now that the Home edition interferes with retrieving any backups from the Time Capsule and has to be disabled to get access to the Time Capsule. Is Sophos working to resolve this problem

  • Hi, I've done a full scan and it completed which worked for me before. But I am now having the same issue before as when I try to do a backup to my time capsule it will just hang in 'preparing backup' which is a big issue. Is Sophos planning to fix this..?

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your feedback, I am passing along your issues to the Home team and I will update once I have information pertaining to your problems.



  • Thanks Bob. I hoe this conflict with OS X Sierra can be resolved. Sophos Home did manage to complete a scan go my iMac but now I'm stuck with "removing the potentially unwanted applications", all 8 of them, has been going round and round and round for 3 days. These Alerts are in Time Machine Backups. I'm hoping the update can sort this.

  • I have Sophos Home 1.2.2 for Sierra now, but my Time Machine backups still hang in "Preparing backup..."

  • 9.5.4 Installed, Time Machine is now working also when On-Access Scanner is activated. So the main problem is solved. Thats the good news, thank you!

    But Time Machine backup is extremely slow, also after a reboot of all components incl. network. Does anyone made the same experiences?

  • Hi.I'm not quite good at computer so I can't download the app when I download it just said 102MB/?….So what I have to do.Can anyone help me

  • I am also running Sierra 10.12.1 with Home Version 1.2.2.   My Time Machine backups are stuck on "Preparing Backup...".  Is there anything I can do to fix this?

  • Week of November 15th is over and no updates yet. Is it normal ?