ICYMI: Sophos Community August 2023 Recap

Hi Everyone,

We’re now entering the busy -BER month! Before we dive into the last few months of the year, let’s catch up on the latest blogs, releases, and other announcements shared on the Sophos Community in August. 

We’ve had several release notes and news for our Sophos products in the past month; Make sure to catch up on the following: 

Meanwhile, we had these new announcements that you shouldn’t miss:  

Our Techvids team is on a roll! We just released these series of Techvids videos recently: 

If you’re a Sophos Partners Community group member, catch up on the Sophos MDR ThreatCast August 30, 2023.

And lastly, onto the fun stuff! Get to know one of the Sophos Community team members, Scott Munton in this month’s Staff Spotlight: Sophos Community: Staff Spotlight - Scott Munton. 

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