New Techvids Release - Sophos Firewall: Identify Dropped Packets

In this Techvid, Jay from the Sophos Support team shows you how to identify packets dropped by Sophos Firewall. He covers the functionality of the Log Viewer, including the different filters and common messages you may encounter. Then, Jay demonstrates the powerful Packet Capture tool for troubleshooting, and walks you through a number of scenarios you may encounter and the steps to resolve them.

Watch the video here:

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  • Very good first steps on troubleshooting - please provide more techvids with best-practises, etc. like this!

    But please: do not create "Allow_WhatsApp" URL-Group. Only "WhatsApp" URL Group would be much better as the action (allow, block,..) will be defined later and has nothin to do with url group itself. ;)