Recover to quarantine & Read-only user quarantine

What’s new – Aug 21, 2023

Catching spam is not an exact science. There are times when one of your emails is falsely detected as a spam or a malware. It happens rarely, but when it does, your communication is disrupted. In our endeavor to empower you, we have improved the product to help you manage outbound spam and inbound malware emails that have been deleted. You can now recover them to quarantine to inspect them. If you find an email recovered to quarantine completely safe to release, then you can release it to the user’s inbox.

We in the product team frequently receive feedback that some customers would like their users to only view emails in the user quarantine – without an ability to release or delete those quarantined emails. So, in response to that feedback, we have enhanced the product to support read-only user quarantine.

These two features vest more power in your hands to manage the expectations of your users. Watch the video attached at end of this post to familiarize yourself with the features.

Applies to the following Sophos products
Sophos Email Advanced

In this post the following sections are covered:

Recover to quarantine

You can recover the following types of deleted emails to quarantine.

  1. Outbound message that was deleted because it was detected as a spam
  2. Inbound message that was deleted because it was detected as a malware or malicious by Intelix

To do so, you will require super admin credentials. As shown in the screenshot below, you should click on the Deleted link button.

Read-only user quarantine

As highlighted in the screenshot below, you can configure your users’ quarantine as a read-only quarantine, by disabling the Release/Delete option in Self Service settings.
 Note: When the Release/Delete option is disabled in the Self Service settings, the Allow/Block List option is also disabled. And, the existing Allow/Block Lists of users are bypassed to prevent those lists from circumventing the disabled Release/Delete option.

Watch the video