Advisory: Sophos Endpoint - "Your connection isn't private." We're aware of a certificate issue and are actively working to resolve it. Please see: KB-000045954 for the latest updates.

You may have noticed some UI changes for Wireless in Sophos Central, and we wanted to provide a short summary of the recent changes we’ve implemented.

Summary of the Sophos Central Wireless UI changes:

  • Field validation for SSID creation. Central Wireless now has validation checks for SSID policy creation. When a new SSID is created, the administrator will have a summary display called ‘Your Settings’ that will provide a warning if any field is required or is populated with invalid data. This will reduce the likelihood of potential errors during the SSID policy creation process.
  • Updates to the connected device graph on the Devices tab. The connected devices graph has been changed to a simple line chart with a new legend, providing a clearer view of the wireless devices connected to access points managed by Sophos Central.
  • Site creation workflow updates. Site creation is now a two-step process where the administrator must first set the location, then select the access point to place in that site location.
  • Changes to ‘Assign SSID’ on the Access Points tab. The ‘Assign SSID’ button will now show the administrator a popup window where they can select or deselect the SSIDs that are assigned or removed from that access point.
  • Other minor UI enhancements.


If you already have a Sophos Central account and want to view the recent changes, please visit