We are happy to announce the general availability of a new enhancement, the ‘Failed Delivery Feedback’ in Phish Threat Campaign Reports.

In the past, Sophos Central didn’t offer any insight into the delivery status of campaign emails, which led to uncertainties and unnecessary support interactions.

With the ‘Failed Delivery Feedback’ enhancement, we are putting the control back into your hands.


Key Highlights of the 'Failed Delivery Feedback' Enhancement:

Enhanced Visibility: Now, the campaign report will clearly mention whether your campaign emails have been successfully delivered or has failed. 

Reasons for Failed Delivery: In case the delivery failed, it will display detailed reasons for the failure. This feedback empowers you to swiftly address any underlying issues within your mail server system.

Resend Capabilities: Once the root cause is fixed, you can seamlessly 'Resend' campaign emails to recipients who initially faced delivery challenges.

Bounced Mailboxes Management: If an email delivery bounces, the recipient mail ID will be added to the 'Bounced Mailboxes' list. This list is self-managed, which means that, when the 'Resend' operation succeeds, these entries will automatically be removed, ensuring future campaign emails are delivered. Nonetheless, the customer admins can also manually remove one or more entries from this list.


A new information ‘Delivery Status’ has been added to the different pages of the campaign report as you see in the screenshots below.

You can go to Settings --> Bounced Mailboxes to view and manage the list of mailboxes.

For further details, refer to the updated documentation here: https://doc.sophos.com/central/customer/help/en-us/ManageYourProducts/PhishThreat/Campaigns/PTCampaignResults/index.html