Webadmin does not start and UTM does not work.

Utm 9.7 is installed on ESXi 6.0, total uptime is about 2 months. After turning off the virtual machine with UTM and carrying out preventive maintenance with the server, I turned on UTM, the virtual machine started, the UTM loading was visible in the console window, the process ended with a standard black screen indicating the web resource where the configuration is being made. Everything is great, BUT - none of the services of this virtual UTM - DNS, DHCP, NTP to others - has started. I rebooted the virtual machine several times and at some point in time a message came from UTM that WEBadmin did not start. I would like to know if it is possible from the console to resume the correct operation of the UTM. If YES, then you can report commands and command lines (I am very far from LINUX systems) to restore the full-fledged work of UTM.

  • Hello Alexey,
    how do you know the services won't star?

    Are you able to ping the interfaces?

    Possible they are renumbered...swapped.


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  • I can't ping the interface. UTM does not issue IP from DHCP, therefore I judge that services do not start. When trying to connect to, the window for entering the password and login does not appear, a WEB page appears with a connection error. It happened last night, and the day before yesterday the UTM was fully functional.

  • OK, I think your LAN-Interface is not connected to the LAN-vSwitch from hypervisor anymore...

    You may logon to the console (root/password) and check interface-assignment / Interface-MAC / Interface-IP ... or try to assign one SG-interface after the other to ESX-LAN-Interface


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  • Okay. I need Lunix commands when I go to the console. Downtime has never been associated with Linux. Write full command lines?

  • On UTM, I have 2 interfaces raised - and, when everything worked, I could go to UTM from both interfaces, now I can not go from any. I looked at the connected interfaces - everything is correctly connected to the vSwitch, the settings are also correct on ESXi. A second UTM with different VLAN settings is connected to the same vSwitch - it works fine.

  • Nothing changed in the UTM configuration, so this must be the VM settings.  Do you have an older backup of the VM that you can restore?  Are you certain that the IPs of the interfaces haven't changed?  When you boot the UTM,the internal IP should be displayed on the console.

    Cheers - Bob

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  • you may go to the UTM console/shell and use tcpdump to check the packets incoming at the interfaces.


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