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[9.705-7] 5 Ghz Mesh no longer possible or a bug?


Now - on UTM 9.705-7 - I wanted to set up a Mesh Network on 5 Ghz between 2 AP55 Access Points (as I did in the past). Unfortunately I cannot create the Mesh Network because of an error message (for both Root Access Point and Mesh Access Point): The AP 'xxx' is configured to operate on band '2.4 GHz' and use Mesh on conflicting band '5 GHz'.

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  • Mesh uses one of two available radios. AP55 has radio0 with 2,4 GHz and radio1 with 5,0 Ghz. So you can pick, which you want to use for Mesh and which you want to broadcast the network. 


  • I understand your explanation well, but I cannot choose the radio.
    I can perform a mesh in 2.4G
    On the other hand I cannot do it in 5G
    my 2 bands are active, because I have PCs that connect to 2.4 or 5

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