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spam acl condition: cannot parse spamd output

I have the same behavioral like in post 

spam acl condition: cannot parse spamd output
Warning: ACL "warn" statement skipped: condition test deferred

We have a 2 Node HA System (Active-Passive). When this happens, its not often, SPAM is not filtered and gets to users inboxes. In case it happens, we must reboot the active Node so that the Standby-Node gets active and the the Spam-Filtering is working again. What can cause the error? Maybe the spamd deamon runs out of memory like here described: ? where can i find the spamd log files?

This is a annoying Bug which must be resolved!


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  • Thanks for your reply.

    "This issue is being cause because the spam lookup module is failing to connect to the lookup servers..."

    Sorry, this makes no sense because when we reboot the active Node it works again - so i assume it is not a networking issue.

    Is there anywhere the logfile from the spamd ? Should i open a Support Request about this?