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Wireless disconnects when using Sophos UTM 9 connect.

When i try to connect to external network using sophos connect, my wireless  gets disconnected and sophos connect fails to connect. When I use a wired connection  no  disconnection issues at all everything works fine.

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  •   MY sophos has 2 LAN ports  I have my comcast modern connected to  one of the LAN and the ASUS wireless conncted to the other LAN... on the one connected to the comcast i have internet static IP configured and internet works fine. ON the other LAN i have the LAN IP configured and thats the port i connected the ASUS,  i cannot ping from Asus. The asus router is setup as a access  point, the clients cannot get to the internet at all. They ONLY get to the INTERNET when  i manually assign a IP address and sophos utm as the Gateway and comcast DNS on the clients connected to the ASUS wirless router. My sophos utm has 2 Interfaces on the back and they both say LAN ...

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