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Email conversations not being logged in a ticket

We have a ticket open, 03040440, and since the 22/08 any emails that Sophos Support email to us aren't being recorded in the ticket and neither are any replies from us. We have a different ticket that has just been resolved, and that is working okay, just not the one listed.

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  • Hi Stuart,

    I had a look at your case and I can see multiple posts and emails from you and also emails sent from our engineer on the case. Latest email our engineer sent was 9 hours ago (saying that he couldn't get hold of you on the phone and shared more information) and you posted on the case a few times since. Could you please check that emails from make to your inbox? 

    I have asked our engineer to reply to your posts which would be visible on the case page on the Support Portal and you should also receive an email notification about it (also from Also you should be able to see all the emails on the Support Portal if you go to the Related tab of the case.

    Regards, Secil