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Lack of preparation for the "people" part of the systems

Sophos drops this on everyone without letting us prepare and then, to add insult to injury, the ability to enter a Support ticket in MyUTM is removed.  All without transferring the information contained in MyUTM concerning S/Ns, License IDs, expiration dates, etc.  Also,  the fact that our customers have already trusteed us to access their information - that should have come across.  It's cute that someone thought that Sophos was protecting their customers' information by failing to transfer it.

And what about all that case history in MyUTM - when will that get transferred?

Same goes for SophServ.

If we were going to need to have all of our customers register for the new system, that little tidbit should have been shared and we all should have received a sample email with instructions for how the customer registers and gives us permission to file cases for them.  I can't imagine that Sophos didn't prepare its own employees.

Cheers - Bob

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  • You cant see closed tickets too ;-)

  • Hi Max,

    You can see closed tickets, though admittedly it is a bit convoluted. If you click on the Case Number on the case closed notification email, it should take you to the case. Another option is to go to Accounts menu, click on the account name (yours or your customer's), go to the Related Tab which lists Assets, Cases and Contacts. If you click on View All under the Cases section it will show you all cases under that Account.

    It was a conscious decision to show only open cases on the main menu because we didn't want that list to get very crowded over time as more and more cases are created. 

    I am curious why you are interested in closed cases; do you just want to check recently closed cases (e.g. to check the last communication or see why it was closed) or are you interested in searching the history because you are looking for some specific information? 

    Many thanks, Secil 

    Secil Yanik
    Senior Business Analyst, Support & Services

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