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Unable to open a ticket via MyUTM

Sophos has thousands of Partners and tens of thousand of customers that were not prepared for the limitations of this tool.

Of the trust relationships established in MyUTM, not one was migrated to this tool.

The ability to open a ticket in MyUTM MUST be re-added immediately.

Everyone needs to make noise about this.

Cheers - Bob

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  • The global VP of Sophos Support responded to me.  His explanation of this situation makes complete sense:

    • The removal of the ability to create support cases from MyUTM did not occur with the launch of the Support Portal, it occurred on the July 15, 2020.  Yours was the first feedback we received about this.  We provided advanced warning of this change on MyUTM in October 2019. 
    • The partner/customer relationship that is established MyUTM is done with implicit permission from the customer as it only requires the partner to know the name/email address of the customer to set it up. It does not require the customer to confirm.  This violates generally-accepted security policies and our own internal security policies.
    • The partner/customer relationship in Service Cloud requires explicit permission and confirmation from the customer for Data Protection and GDPR compliance.  No partner/customer relationship data was migrated from SophServ or MyUTM as customers needed to explicitly agree to what would be shared via the Support Portal.

    Cheers - Bob

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