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KB Bookmark

In future is planned to develop these features:

  • to let user bookmark preferred KB article like on community portal (even if I never succed to add it to my profile)
  • Link preferred KB to support cases in order to have linked information between problem and solutions?

..sorry for my english, I hope the request was clear.

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    Thank you for your feedback, Roberto! 

    For bookmarking functionality; we are planning to introduce this in the near future.

    For your second suggestion; do you mean that you would like to mark the KB articles you have already viewed before raising the case or do you mean that you would like to see the articles suggested by our engineers to be visible on the case page? Or maybe I am misunderstanding it fully :)

    Many thanks, Secil 

  • I would like to link some KB to my cases in order to share the possible solutions with my colleague.

    This can be useful in order to review old cases and immediately find the KB that point to the solution.


    ..but both your suggestion can be useful :)