Wireless and External Windows DHCP server

We are looking to replace Ruckus wireless network with Sophos AP6 420e.

Working the configuration of the Sophos WLANs config and I am stuck.

I can get test client to connect to WLAN that use vLAN1 but unable to get other WLAN that are tagged (other than vlan1) to connect.

We will have several WLAN that use multiple vLANs other than vLAN1.

We also use a Windows base DHCP server to handle the IP addresses on the different IP segments for each VLAN

I somewhat remember with the Ruckus system that we needed to configure DHCP scope option 43 Vendor Specific Details to get the Win DHCP server to respond to the client with the correct IP address.

Does anybody know what the Sophos Vendor Specific Info is or do you think is it something else causing the client not to connect.

I am having a tough time trying to locate how to troubleshoot client connections as I am a newbie to it. 

Any help would be appreciated.  

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