same SSID with different RADIUS-Servers?

Hi all,
is there an option to use the same SSID with different RADIUS-Servers in Central Wireless + AP6 ?
We have to configure the same SSID for all locations ... but should use local RADIUS-Servers (we have Latency of nearly 1000msec to some locations ...)
Worked with SG / XGS and APX connected to Firewall.

Thx Dirk

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  • This is not possible at the moment without a nat trick.

    you could do per site a Dnat and translate the ip per side.


  • Hi Lucar,

    ap6 is a serious problem for us, because we have one global EMEA, US, ASIA predefined SSID "COMPANY-INTERNAL" on our 3000 notebooks. They authenticate via wpa2-enterprise to locally installed ms nps radius server. Unfortunatly in different VLANs. Additonally and we have aps behind 80 red boxes which use this SSID untagged (aplan). 

    This works very well and I really like SFOS for that.

    The world could be easy, if you implement the same feature in sophos central as in sfos, that one can have different wlan objects with the
    same SSID, but different VLAN, radius settings.

    I fear, without a quick solution for that I'm forced to replace sophos wireless with aruba wireless within the next months.



  • this one-SSID-name limitation in Central is lacking all the time we're on APX in Central. On SFOS you could create the SSID multiple times with different settings and assign where you like.

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