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Central Wireless: Access Point falsely reports RADIUS-Server 1812 not reachable for unreplied proxied requests

APX 530 on Sophos Central is using a RADIUS configuration with (just a dummy IP) as RADIUS Server on port 1812. is a RADIUS Proxy. Based on the requested SSID the proxy decides to sent the request to several real RADIUS servers.

One of the real servers is (just a dummy IP)

If one real RADIUS fails (here )  we have such logs on the proxy itself:
Failing proxied request for user "", due to lack of any response from home server port 1812): [] (from client port 0 cli 36-xx-xx-xx-xx-42)

But the Accesspoint / Sophos Central is alerting us with this text:

What has happened: Access Point „[P12001xxxxxxxW9A]“ Radius-Server : 1812 is not reachable

(which is the Proxy IP but that is up and running)

So my question is, if it's possible to present the IP of the failed real server in the Sophos Central alert instead of the proxy IP?

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