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Extremy slow internet speed


I have a new Sophos XG115 without any firewall rule besides the default one, with a basic license, default webfilters and no IPS activated. It is connected to a router and to a internal switch. Both interfaces have 1000 Mbps - Full Duplex Auto-negotiated. When I make a speed test I'm at around 30 Mbps Up and Down. But when I try to open a website, it takes 15 seconds or more. Before we set up the firewall it was much faster. Also over the old WLAN, who is not behind the firewall it is much faster as well.

Any idea what could cause that?

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  • Hi Nino , 

    It would seem that the issue with the negotiation which would lead to packet loss and would enable to retransmit the packets again. Since you are using 30mbps up/down stream I would recommend you to set to 100mbps Full duplex manually and check if that would improve the performance. 

    Another hint may be observed on the interface if there is an error or not. 


    Toggle 'u' two times to get this page and check if its 0 or not as per the screen shot.


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  • I used this information to verify I was not dropping packets or generating error (thank you for the tip), but I can't seem to get my display to not wrap the information:

    How can I increase the width?  Tried in SSH Client and via the Sophos Web Client.

  • Dale,

    can you share the output of this 2 commands:

    netstat -s

    ethtool -S "portname" (both WAN and LAN)


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