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Internet IPv4 Predefined Host Errors, Suggestions

There are some errors in the predefined "Internet IPv4..." hosts. This list is the clearly wrong ones imho.

  1. Internet IPv4 (129-169) should be "(128-169)"
  2. Internet IPv4 (191-191.1) seems completely mislabeled, and likely incorrectly defined altogether.
  3. Internet IPv4 (192-192.0) has the range start at, but should be
  4. Internet IPv4 (203.0-223) has the range start at, but should be


  1. A consistent naming would be helpful, the first subnet in the name should be up to the last non-zero and second should be up to the last non 255. (i.e. "Internet IPv4 (192-192.88)" would be "Internet IPv4 (192.0.3-192.88.98)"
  2. I feel like Internet IPv4 (191.0.1 is a mistake, I did find someone who claimed 191.0.2- was reserved for documentation but I believe the correct would be This would eliminate "Internet IPv4 (191-191.1)" and I would modify Internet IPv4 (172-191) to be If I'm wrong about, could someone help me out with that?
  3. Having a list of BOGONS would be nice in the default config.

The foundation for my suggestions to subnet changes are based on this: Reserved IP addresses - Wikipedia

Suggestion #1 shown:

  1. Internet IPv4 (1-9)
  2. Internet IPv4 (11-126)
  3. Internet IPv4 (128-169.253)
  4. Internet IPv4 (169.255-172.15)
  5. Internet IPv4 (172.32-191)
  6. Internet IPv4 (192.0.1-192.0.1) or Internet IPv4 (192.0.1)
  7. Internet IPv4 (192.0.3-192.88.98)
  8. Internet IPv4 (192.88.100-192.167)
  9. Internet IPv4 (192.169-198.17)
  10. Internet IPv4 (198.20-198.51.99)
  11. Internet IPv4 (198.51.101-203.0.112)
  12. Internet IPv4 (203.0.114-223)

Hopefully I didn't make any mistakes.

Rename #12 had a .0 on the end of 203.0.114 but should not have.
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