backup config to FTP with custom port number

Configuring Sophos Firewall to back up config file to FTP server. Settings page has a field for the FTP server IP, but there seems to be no way to specify the port number. My FTP server was using Port 21, and this worked fine, so I assume that Sophos OS uses Port 21 by default. But now, due to new security policies, the FTP server is using a different port number. I can't see how to get the Sophos OS to use the new port number when doing the backups. 

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  • Hi  Thank you for reaching out to the Sophos community team. Unfortunately as of now on UI no settings there to define the port number for the FTP IP connection. 

    However, we already have an existing Feature Request ID "Enable the TLS Encryption For FTP backup mode" with ID SFSW-I-1892/SFSW-I-1523/SFSW-I-1503 and that will address the highlighted situation above.

    You can submit your Feature Request using the in-product feedback in the Sophos Firewall located in the Top Menu Bar.

    You can also log a support case, so the support team may link the above FR ID with your account and you can track it later with your account manager/local sales presentative or TAM.


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