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Sophos Firewall: v20.0 - PXE-Boot Problems

Hello everyone.
I would like to share my experience regarding PXE boot with you.

I have already solved the problem with thePXE boot on our old XG2300 v19.5 with the help of the forum and Sophos support.
Entered the required options in the DHCP server and created a DNAT rule -> PXE boot works.

Now I wanted to transfer the whole thing manually to our new XGS4500 v20 and encountered the following problem.
All required configuration/options entered via the GUI -> no PXE boot possible! (Error: no offer received)

At some point I deleted all DHCP-Server-Options in the GUI and then re-entered them via the console with exactly the same values
* TFTP_Server_Name(66)
* Bootfile_Name(67)
* Vendor_Class_Identifier(60)

-> restarted DHCP server service -> PXE boot SUCCESSFUL !

So it seems that DHCP options set via the GUI does not work correctly ?!

Maybe this will help someone ?

Best regards

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