• I have a problem with firewall rules. Since I upgraded from 19.0 GA to 19.0 MR1, my WIFI rule is not working anymore, nothing is let through. No ping, no TCP connection from LAN zone to WIFI zone:

    As you can see, 0 bytes sent/received. When I switch back to 19.0 GA it all works again and counters go up. I have no explanation why this is happening, any idea where to look for in the logs?

    Edit: Same seems to be the case for Rule #11 SMTP.

  • Why do you use a rule without Logging? 

    Check the packet capture - There you should see the used Firewall/NAT Rule. 

    Maybe another rule picks up the traffic. Automatic VPN Rule is something, which could potentially cause issues. 


  • Thx I will see what turned on logging will bring.

    However there was a "breaking change" in 19.0 MR1...

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