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[BUG] XG v16/17 PPPOE doesn't endlessly tries to reconnect

Hi All,

i have a weird issue concerning clients with xDSL lignes, with a modem bridged and connected to wan port of the XG.

There are more and complains about internet failures (different clients, different DSL providers, different modems), and in most of the cases the pppoe Wan port status is "Disconnected".

Just by clikcing on "connect" connection goes up immediatly !

Is there a way to force the XG to retry enlessly to reconnect ?! (which should be a basic thing !!!!)

Thanks !

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  • hello  

    case #10039810 opened for a xg106 17.5 mr12 with a state disconnected on a pppoe link. Fortunately it's not used anymore, i hope support will come back to me quicly as i can let the firewall in this state !

  • Hi there

    I have logged 2 cases today for this issue. Although I have 3 units that have experienced the problem, one of the units is not under maintenance.

    One unit is an XG230 Running 17.5.MR9. This unit presently has an uptime of 159 Days. It was a hardware upgrade from an XG125 in March 2020 and was running fine until 2 weeks ago and has experienced the problem 4 times in 2 weeks.

    The other unit is an XG210. Running 17.5.MR8. This unit has an uptime presently of 211 Days, has not been upgraded initially due to scheduling issues with the customer, but recently due to known issues with firmware which will impact their operations. Today is the first occurrence of the issue there. This site is a dedicated fiber link, no other issues, just the PPPOE dropping at 4:50am and no attempts for a reconnect.

    Given the details on these 2 units, this has to be an induced bug from either the SQL Injection fix or the HTTP/S Bookmarks retirement. I also continually see Alert messages about these fixes being applied, this is now several months after the fix was released. The alerts have been viewed, but are still listed as under 5 minutes ago. 

    With ISP's moving to using PPPOE on dedicated links like Fixed Wifi and Fiber rather then fixed IP, this issue needs serious investigation now


    Gavin Daniels. DipIT(Networking)


  • Hello Guillaume,

    Thank you for the follow-up.

    I see the ticket was open the ticket today and has been sent to review to a senior engineer as an escalation for review.


    Emmanuel (EmmoSophos)
    Community Support Engineer | Sophos Technical Support
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  • Hello All,

    Is there anybody here who may be experiencing this issue on a regular and more frequent basis? 

    Maybe somebody with a DSL based service who may be able to test a theory?


    The units that my customers have experienced the issue with are all only recently starting this, and have uptimes in excess of 100 days and occurrence is sporadic, and maybe a week apart.


    If there is a site where you can generate the issue, or is occurring daily, please send me a PM and see if we can make up a test case.





    Gavin Daniels. DipIT(Networking)


  • Hello Gavin,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    I have followed up with both engineers and replied to your PM.


    Emmanuel (EmmoSophos)
    Community Support Engineer | Sophos Technical Support
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  • I have exactly the same issues here in Melbourne Australia.

    I have a customer who has a CR50iNG which is upgraded to run Sophos OS.

    I am struggling with this issue as well.

    They have a Fibre service with PPOE running over the top.  When the link goes down, sometimes you see in the log the PADI requests, and then it reconnects perfectly.

    Yesterday I had to go onsite as their link went down, and just clicking on connect brought it back up again.

    I played with dropping the Fibre connection, and everytime the PPOE re-established correctly.

    Then 24 hours later, and after the fibre connection dropping twice last night, exactly the same issue.

    The connection is down, and the only way to fix it is to go back onsite and reconnect.


    This is a serious issue that Sophos needs to address.

  • Hi

    There is absolutely no regularity on having this bug, but it does touch a very little part of our clients, always the same, and there is nothing in common between them

    It can happens from about one time a week to one time per mouth or less. Could be xDSL or fiber, regardless of the brand of the modem or the ISP.

    We need a fix ASAP !!!

  • I am seeing this issue on a CR50iNG device running the latest firmware.

    SFOS 17.5.13 MR-13


    This issue has only starting happening in the last month, and I suspect it could be to do with an possible hotfix.


    Further, Sophos, please note that this device is a Cyberoam CR50iNG so I can't upgrade to V18, as it doesn't support the Cyberoam devices.

    We need a fix to V17 firmware.

  • I do not have any insight of this issue right now, but coming from a DEV/Support perspective, this is a pain to troubleshoot and find the real root cause of this issue.

    As most of those appliances are completely offline while this issue occurs and only one time per day, this appears, it is hard to "live debug" this issue.


    So if somebody with this issue have a system, which has a "alternative" route to the internet at the same time, this would be helpful to live debug this issue. Maybe even a cellular connection to XG would be helpful, while this occurs. 


  • Hello LuCar,


    At the present I can't help with this request, the 2 sites that are experiencing this more than once so far are critical, as in Australia we presently have a large number of work from home people, so immediate reconnection is required.

    But I have the site that experienced the issue for the first time yesterday getting a secondary link. So if there is no resolution then I will be able to have them fully failed over on the backup link for immediate testing.

    I will advise.


    But some credence needs to be applied that the issue appears to be introduced in a hotfix. As I explained, I have 2 sites with in excess of 100 days uptime, and no firmware changes. And they have only begun exhibiting the issue in the past 20 days. And given that 1 site has experienced the issue 4 times in that 20 days, and not at all in the previous 80 gives this indication.





    Gavin Daniels. DipIT(Networking)