FEEDBACK - logviewer report not updating and showing errors I can't find.


currently my logviewer report is showing 1949 as the last entry when my time is 2008.

I have changed the time range selection and run update, but no change.


Further issues with this sub-report the DDNS updates are shown in red as success, I can't find this record and why red. Other system updates are shown in blue. None of the DNS success records are shown.

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  • Hi Anand,

    when I posted that response my logviewer had only been showing 1 entry every 5 minutes for the DDNS registration. Today while investigating a NAT rule I see that the logviewer has 2 entries for the same DDNS update, both showing success.


    XG115W - v19 GA - Home

    1225v5 6gb ram, SSID, 4 NICs 20w - v19 EAP - on holiday.

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