FEEDBACK - logviewer report not updating and showing errors I can't find.


currently my logviewer report is showing 1949 as the last entry when my time is 2008.

I have changed the time range selection and run update, but no change.


Further issues with this sub-report the DDNS updates are shown in red as success, I can't find this record and why red. Other system updates are shown in blue. None of the DNS success records are shown.

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  • Hi,


    Mismatch is seen because For DDNS we are logging same event twice in LogViewer while only once in CFR.

    CFR behaviour is correct, but due to some bad logic in LogViewer logging, it logs same event twice.

    If you want to match, DDNS entries for LogViewer and CFR then disable System Event logging(Configuration -> System services -> Log Settings page)

    Please Note: Disabling System Event may have other consequences, Like some other log_component log line may get missed in LogViewer.