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We are very excited to announce that firewall licensing has moved from MySophos to Sophos Central. 

Sophos Central now provides all of the same licensing features you will have used in MySophos, but now directly available in Sophos Central alongside your other Sophos products. 

There's important information below, so please give it a read to the end before going ahead.

First, some quick answers:

Where do I find my licenses now?

All firewall licensing has been moved to Sophos Central. Firewall licenses may be found there:

Key Features

  • Claim (register) your Sophos Firewalls.
  • Apply License keys to add or renew subscriptions.
  • Start evaluations and try out new firewall subscriptions.
  • Transfer subscriptions between eligible firewalls in your account.
  • Transfer firewalls between Central accounts when necessary.
  • View a full inventory of all licenses and see coming expiry dates.
  • View device warranty info

Key Changes

  • All license data was migrated from MySophos to Sophos Central. This was a large data volume migration, but more importantly, MySophos account limits meant extensive effort was needed to map firewalls to the correct Central accounts as accurately as possible. The biggest impact users are likely to see will be on from data migration. In most cases, the migration path was clear, but in a small percentage of cases, it might not match what admins might expect, and we've made the tools for admins to transfer firewalls between accounts as easy and safe as possible. If you find something unexpected, don't worry. There's more info below on what you can do. 
    • Sophos partners, will find licenses in the Partner Dashboard
    • Customers will find licenses in the Central Dashboard adjacent to all other product licensing.

  • If no Central account was found to map the license to, a new one was created. You should be receiving emails asking you to confirm the new account login.
  • Licenses are managed per account, (rather than per user login in MySophos)
  • New easier-to-use workflows
    While the same capabilities are now available in Central, their screens and behaviors are improved. It should be easier to use and faster than MySophos
  • Terminology - The term "Register" has periodically caused confusion. Previously, you would Register your firewall in MySophos to start licensing and warranty, and you also Register your firewall to Sophos Central to enable SyncSec features, Firewall Management and Reporting. Now, you'll Claim your firewall in Central to view warranty and manage licensing, then Register the firewall to Sophos Central later, when you're ready to take advantage of the additional features available through Sophos Central.
  • Home Use Firewalls - Home use licenses are perpetual and will not need renewal or management. They will not appear in Sophos Central, and accounts with only home use licenses have not been migrated to Sophos Central

What's Not Changing

  • Many admins login to the local firewall UI to manage licensing, and that will continue working as it did before.
  • Registering firewalls to Sophos Central or enable Central Management is NOT required to manage the licenses in Central. 
    • Firewalls may be managed from a different Central account than where licenses are managed.
    • Firewalls don't need to be managed in Central now that licenses are managed in Sophos Central.

Additional Resources

We've recently added four new Sophos Assistant Flows on Sophos Central to help you manage your firewalls, claim a firewall, transfer or update a firewall, and claim a transferred firewall. 


  • What if I can't find my firewall licenses?
    • Login to Sophos Central; with the same credentials as used in MySophos. The same firewalls registered under your email should be there, along with those registered to other members of your Central account.
    • If a different account was used in MySophos from the desired Central account, login to Central with the credentials from that account, then transfer the firewalls to the desired account.
    • If you are a Sophos Partner, firewalls claimed by email addresses that are linked to your partner account should be migrated to 
  • I want to move all my firewalls to a single account. How do I do that?
    • Login to the account where the firewall license currently appears, select all firewalls you wish to move, and select Transfer. Follow the process to select the recipient.
    • Repeat for all accounts you want to consolidate from
    • Login to the target account, where you should be prompted to accept the firewalls being transferred.
  • I can't access Sophos Central. What should I do?
    • Try logging in with the same account used for MySophos. If it fails, use the Forgot password link to reset your password and get access.
  • I have another problem, or the guidance above didn't help with my problem.
    • Our customer care teams are always available to help and can help sort out anything else that arises. Firewall licenses will continue to operate correctly, even if you're unable to manage the license right away. Please be patient as we go live, after Sophos has just completed upgrading a series of back-end systems in addition to MySophos. Call volumes may be a bit higher than usual, so if you see an issue and it's causing immediate impact, let us know, and we can give your case proper priority.